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I would like to invite and encourage you to use legal services performed by a team of the lawyers of Wojciech Harpula Legal Adviser's Law Office.

The law office was set up on 6th September 2011 and it is a specific platform which gathers the knowledge and experience of the lawyers who make its structure.

Since the starting day we have been doing our utmost to secure the interests of our Clients. We try to build a satisfying cooperation between us and we undertake all necessary steps to make our Clients feel well informed and secure with the services we provide and the legal solutions we propose, always striving for the professionalism of all our actions and their accordance with the principles of professional ethics.

The aim of the law office is to provide our Clients with possibly widest legal assistance and advice. Such help is crucial in today’s world, characterised by an indefinite number of complicated and dynamically changing factual situations which are connected with a wide variety of legal provisions that are often unintelligible, unclear and difficult to interpret and apply.

We keep the highest standards of knowledge and art of legal profession during the performance of our services. Each Client may be sure that we carry out our tasks in a careful, scrupulous and efficient way.

Any information entrusted to us during or in connection with the performance of legal help is treated as confidential. Our activity is covered by civil law liability insurance.

We perform legal help without territorial restrictions.

If you cooperate with us, you will acquire information, proper legal solutions and legal representation when necessary. Coopoeration with us will make your activities more secure, effective and efficient, and therefore more economical as well as less time consuming.

Thank you for your attention. I encourage you to familiarise yourself with the information presented on our website and I hope that you will use our services.

With kind regards,
Legal Adviser Wojciech Harpula