Our services

Taking into account the characteristics of legal services market as well as acknowledging the needs of our Clients, we offer them a tailored range of legal assistance and advice.

We perform complex and possibly wide legal help which includes but is not limited to:
- comprehensive information considering the legal state,
- legal opinions and legal information,
- proper legal solutions possible to apply in a given factual situation,
- opinions on legal solutions previously used by the Client,
- contract drafts, and opinions on such drafts acquired by the Client; we may also negotiate contracts on the Client’s behalf,
- drafts and opinions on other kinds of legal documents,
- legal representation in judicial and administrative proceedings,
- legal help in the Polish and English language, therefore we can perform the above mentioned scope of services in either of these languages, and, what is more, during the performance of legal help we can prepare uncertified translations of legal documents as well as all kinds of correspondence and official letters,
- performance of the listed legal services in the Russian language with the assistance of the Russian legal language specialist; such need should be indicated in advance.

Our cooperation may be formed in either of the following ways:
- performance of permanent legal services,
- rendering legal services on the Client's demands.

In order to facilitate the contact with the members of our team, direct contact in the official seat of legal office or at a place chosen by the Client is possible. We also provide our legal services by means of remote communication such as telephone or electronic mail.

Our remuneration for legal assistance and advice is calculated and set in an agreement with the Client in one of following forms:
- lump sum remuneration,
- remuneration calculated on the basis of hourly rate,
- remuneration for each activity, based on a tariff agreed on in advance,
- remuneration in the form, which is a compilation of the options mentioned above.

Remuneration is due on the basis of VAT invoices issued by the law office.

The above-mentioned possibilities are used flexibly and individually tailored to our Clients’ needs. We are therefore able to offer a set of legal services, way of their performance and a form of remuneration calculation maximally adjusted to your requirements.